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Wind Farm Proposal
The Wind Farm Proposal:

Do you know what is planned?

Each of the 3 turbines proposed by EnergieKontor will be massive, at 100 metres (328 ft), amongst some of the largest ever built in  the UK  – larger than Big Ben at 96 metres. Sited on a range of two-hundred metre high drumlins, they could be more than three-hundred metres (1,000 feet) above sea level.  They will dominate the Craven district landscape and be visible for many miles in all directions.


Brightenber Hill, lies between Gargrave and  West Marton . It's about 6 miles from Skipton and 3 miles from Long Preston, in the middle of the triangle bordered by the A65, A59 and A682. The area is a green oasis of rolling hills in Craven District. It is 2.5 miles south of the  Yorkshire Dales National Park  and 3.5 miles east of the  Forest of  Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Pennine Way National Trail and  Ribble Way are both within 2.5 miles and the Leeds-Liverpool canal is about 1.5 miles away. Footpaths and a bridleway crisscross the area.

Say NO because . . . . 

Each turbine can produce up to 2.5 Megawatts, but the wind at Brightenber is so intermittent that, give or take a smidgen, average power delivery will be just 15% of that. That’s not enough to justify blighting the lives of nearby residents, the damage to the landscape and the harm to wildlife.. If we want to save energy and reduce our output of CO2, (and who doesn't?) there are easier and cheaper things we can do. (see  menu on left)

• Each turbine will be nearly two and a half times the height of the recently removed  Chelker Reservoir turbines on the A65 at Addingham.

• They will tower above the natural landscape and be visible for many miles across swathes of the  Yorkshir Dales National Park< the  Ribble Valley and the  Forest of  Bowland

• The nearest dwellings are just half a mile away

• Wind farms do not produce cheap electricity. Because they are so inefficient and expensive to build, they cannot operate without big subsidies - subsidies that are hidden in our electricity bills.

• By law, there must be a full study of how this wind farm will affect wildlife, archaeology, hydrology and many other issues. But who will perform this study? Unbelievably, the project developer, EnergieKontor will.

• Construction will last seven months and site traffic will include vehicles that are 45 m (145 feet) long. Trees along our leafy lanes may be axed to allow the big vehicles through. The tree canopy will take many years to recover, . . . . . if it ever does.

• This disruption and destruction will have to be repeated in 25 years time to decommission the site
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