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Ways to Save Energy

Alternatives to Wind Power are available and can be implemented at far lower cost and environmental impact than wind turbines.

The best and most cost effective way to save energy is to start in the home.

Below is a list of CO2 savings that only take a moment but will reduce your homes carbon footprint.

(With thanks to National Energy Foundation www.nef.org.uk )
Only use the heat and light appliances you really need – switch light off when you leave a room
Don't leave TVs or videos on standby
Switch off all computers & screens at the mains when not being used!
Try turning your heating thermostat down by 1°C - it will save about £10 a year.
Keep furniture away from radiators, if possible: the foam in an upholstered chair is a very effective heat insulator!
When cooking choose the right pan size for the food and the cooker, cut food into smaller pieces and put lids on pans as the food will then cook a lot quicker.
If you are defrosting food, or just warming things up, then microwave ovens are ideal as they use much less electricity than conventional ovens.
Regularly defrost your freezer and try to keep it packed full, even if this is with scrunched up paper to avoid wasting energy.
Check the seals on your fridge/freezer to ensure no warm air is getting in - the seals should be tight enough to hold a piece of paper securely when closed.
Try to have full loads when using the washing machine and use the lower 30°C wash. With today's washing powders this temperature is more than adequate to clean clothes and will save you up to three quarters of the cost of the hottest cycle
You also don't need to have your domestic water heated to a scalding temperature either, for most people setting the thermostat to 60°C/140°F is quite adequate.
The sun is the most readily available source of heat there is - and the cheapest! So make the most of it by opening internal doors of any rooms which get more sun than others and let the warm air travel through your home.
Avoid using tumble driers and radiators to dry your clothes; on nice sunny days clothes can be dried outside.


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November 2014

Secretary of State Concedes  EK request for Judicial Review  -

The Secretary of State for Communities, acting for the Planning Inspectorate, has decided not to contest the Energiekontor  request for a Judicial Review of the Inspectorate's decision. This doesn’t mean Energiekontor has won the appeal, only that the Planning Inspectorate will take another look at it.

A new inspector has been asked to review everything, and has  invited the parties to make written representations and to  hear  the case again in mid 2015 .  

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