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November 2014

Secretary of State Concedes  EK request for Judicial Review  -

The Secretary of State for Communities, acting for the Planning Inspectorate, has decided not to contest the Energiekontor  request for a Judicial Review of the Inspectorate's decision. This doesn’t mean Energiekontor has won the appeal, only that the Planning Inspectorate will take another look at it.

A new inspector has been asked to review everything, and has  invited the parties to make written representations and to  hear  the case again in mid 2015 .  

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News Update: May 2012 

Energiekontor’s Information Misleading – Official

The Advertising Standards Authority has branded as misleading, Energiekontor’s claims that the Brightenber Hill Wind Farm will make enough electricity to power 3,670 Craven homes.

You’d think the people at EK would base their figures on information gathered at Brightenber Hill but no, they’ve relied on average data drawn from all UK’s wind farms in 2009. Think about it: old data from everywhere except Brightenber Hill.

Even after we rumbled them, EK continued to use this dodgy data; first in their planning application, then in pre-printed, pro-wind farm letters being peddled around Skipton.

So, why would Energiekontor ignore their eighteen-month wind speed study at Brightenber Hill? We locals know the answer: there’s not enough wind up there to justify blighting the lives of people who live and work there, not to mention the damage those industrial wind turbines will do to that beautiful landscape.

Come on EK, we know you read this website. Stop mincing words and face up to your responsibilities. It’s time to give the community and our planning department the real facts.

What's Happening? 17th May 2012

Energie Kontor have re-submitted a planning aplication for 3 x 100 metre tall wind turbines at Brightenber Hill , Gargarve, BD23 3PA,  to the Craven District planning department.

More local news: Knabs Ridge Harrogate:

In Harrogate, the eight turbines at Knabbs Ridge may soon become 36 turbines. Don’t let it happen here. We’ll get just one crack at this, so please take a few minutes to send in your objection


They’re back! (Apologies to the writers of the film "Poltergeist").

Despite earlier promises, EK has come back with a new proposal for three turbines. Same place; same size; same blighting of neighbours’ lives; same scar on the landscape.

EnergieKontor’s first contact with the community was a brochure explaining the proposed wind farm’s benefits. Unfortunately, it contained so many errors, we've lodged a four point complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority.

EK held their one and only public demonstration at Coniston Cold Village Hall on 14 December 2011. The company made some startling admissions. Rather than use data from their anemometer:

          they took their wind speed data from the internet; and
          to estimate Brightenber's power output, they used the UK's average turbine efficiency for 2009.

Hmmm, what's so bad about the anemometer data they can't share it or use it in their calculations? We asked EK that very question but so far, they refuse to answer.  The good news is, they've promised another exhibition before submitting their planning application, perhaps in late March. We hope they'll be more forthcoming next time round.

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