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EnergieKontor has now submitted its application to build three, 100 metre (328ft) high wind turbines on Brightenber Hill, right in the middle of the Gargrave drumlin field.


The Planning Department at Craven District Council has kindly waived all deadlines but asks that we submit objections by early June.

Post your objection to: -

Mr Roger France,

Craven District Council Planning and Building Control Services,

1 Belle Vue Square,

Broughton Road,

Skipton, North Yorkshire,  BD23 1FJ

Nothing is decided. You really can make a difference. The Council will consider your objection.

They will pay special attention to Town or Parish Councils and bodies such as civic societies, recreational and conservation groups. If you belong to such an organisation, object as a group - AND - object individually as private citizens. You can make your voice heard twice.



  • Write the objection in your own words. The council will give little weight to form letters.

  • Each letter counts as one objection. Write one letter per person, not one per family.

  • Put your address at the top of each letter.

  • At the start of your letter, quote the heading: Brightenber Hill Wind Farm. Planning Application Number 05/2012/12568.

  • Make it clear in the first sentence that you object to the application

  • Urge family and friends to write their own objections.

  • Consider the sample objections listed here and select those that concern you most. You can mention as many points as you like. If you have any other concerns, state them.


These are only guidelines – use your own words

You do not have to mention all these points, just the ones you think most important.

 The Intrinsic Beauty of the Landscape and Countryside.

  • The turbines are 100 metres (328 feet) tall and will stand on 180 metre (600 feet) tall hills.

  • The turbines will dominate the skyline as seen from the Ribble Valley and Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

  • The turbines will be visible from swathes of  the Yorkshire Dales National Park

  • The turbines will seriously impact the Gargrave Drumlin Field and its strong rural setting.

  • The turbines are huge industrial machines that have no place in the tranquil countryside.

  • The scenic country lane road that runs through West Marton will be widened in 6 sections. Trees will be felled and the verdant canopy cut back

 Unacceptable Impact on Nearby Homes.                   

  • Sixteen families live within half a mile of the site. These huge turbines will overwhelm their homes and blight their lives.

  • There are many villages, hamlets and farmsteads within 1 ½ miles (2.4 kilometres)

  • When the sun is low – morning, evening and for much of the winter daylight hours - the constant shadow flicker of 9 turbines blades will sweep the surrounding landscape for a significant distance.

  • Each blade is 80 metres tip to tip, compared to a jumbo jet wing span of just 60 metres.



Listed Buildings

  • There are five listed buildings within ½ mile of the site.

  • There are 7 Grade II* and 46 Grade II Listed Buildings within 1½ miles

  • The Government considers it important to preserve these buildings and their settings.

  • Stress this point if you live in a Listed Building close to the site.

Recreational Enjoyment of the Countryside.

  • The area is extremely popular with locals and visitors who enjoy walking, horse riding, boating on the canal, fishing, cycling, field sports and other country pursuits.

  • The turbines will damage the enjoyment of residents and tourists alike.

  • Tourism is vital to Craven’s economy.

 Historic Environment

  • The turbines will significantly detract from Broughton Hall which is 4 miles away and is classified as a “Park and Garden of Exceptional Historic Interest.”

  • Gledstone Hall, classified as a “Park and Garden of Special Historic Interest”, is only 1 mile away. The gardens were designed by Lutyens and the planting scheme designed by Gertrude Jekyll.

  • The Government considers these building to be of “particular great importance to the nation’s built heritage: their significance will generally be beyond dispute”.

 Nationally Important Landscapes

  • The turbines will be 2½ miles from the Yorkshire Dales National Park and 3½ miles from the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


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November 2014

Secretary of State Concedes  EK request for Judicial Review  -

The Secretary of State for Communities, acting for the Planning Inspectorate, has decided not to contest the Energiekontor  request for a Judicial Review of the Inspectorate's decision. This doesn’t mean Energiekontor has won the appeal, only that the Planning Inspectorate will take another look at it.

A new inspector has been asked to review everything, and has  invited the parties to make written representations and to  hear  the case again in mid 2015 .  

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