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Size of Turbines

The Brightenber Hill turbines will be between 100 metres or 328 feet tall. This  makes them among the largest on shore turbines in the UK.


Compare that to the Chelker turbines at 42.5 meters (148 feet) and London's Big Ben at 96 metres (314 feet).

The photomontage below compares existing local landmarks with the proposed turbines.


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November 2014

Secretary of State Concedes  EK request for Judicial Review  -

The Secretary of State for Communities, acting for the Planning Inspectorate, has decided not to contest the Energiekontor  request for a Judicial Review of the Inspectorate's decision. This doesn’t mean Energiekontor has won the appeal, only that the Planning Inspectorate will take another look at it.

A new inspector has been asked to review everything, and has  invited the parties to make written representations and to  hear  the case again in mid 2015 .  

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