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EnergieKontor propose New Wind Turbine Plan December 2011

Planning Guidance Delays Appeal Findings

There’s been a change to wind farm planning guidance and the Inspector has invited key participants to comment. Among other things, the changes emphasise existing rules on community and landscape. In a new and interesting development, the Inspector may consider turbine power delivery, but only in very finely balanced decisions.

Energiekontor has responded and so have we. We believe the new guidance helps our case but as ever, the issues are complex and it’s impossible to predict the result. We ask that you don’t write to the Inspector. Mrs Hill has a lot of material to get through and to burden her further would be unhelpful.

Obviously, no one likes delays but in this case it is because the Inspector wants to be fair to all parties.

Brightenber Hill Wind Farm Appeal Hearing

PUBLIC HEARING DATE Tuesday 30 April and Wednesday 1 May TIME 10.00 a.m. PLACE Coniston Hotel, Coniston Cold (on the A65). BD23 4EA.

The Planning Inspector has set down the appeal hearing for Tuesday 30 April and Wednesday 1 May . It will he held at the Coniston Hotel, which is just outside Coniston Cold on the A65. The postcode is BD23 4EA.

The appeal is open to the public and should start at about 10.00 a.m. on 30 April. The appeal Inspector will start proceedings by asking if anyone wishes to speak. If you would like to speak then please turn up early on the first day.

Planning Committee Reject Turbine Plans.

September 4th 2012

On 3rd September 2012, our Planning Committee rejected Energiekontor’s third attempt to push through this completely inappropriate development in the beautiful rolling hills West of Gargrave.
Friends of Craven Landscape offers huge thanks to those who wrote objection letters and who turned out in such numbers to the planning meeting. Sadly, some found themselves locked out of the meeting but still managed to have their voices heard from the car park.
Also, a very special thanks to the family who made a massive sacrifice to protect this very special corner of Craven.

Expert confirms Brightenber Hill wind farm will not comply with UK noise standards.

26 July 2012

An FOCL member commissioned acoustic consultant PDA Ltd, to review EK’s noise assessment. The consultant confirms it is unfit for purpose and that noise from Brightenber Hill wind farm will exceed levels directed by national policy.

Energiekontor Accused of Bribery.

10th July 2012.

Energiekontor has offered £275,000 to a local farming family in exchange for supporting the Brightenber Hill Wind Farm. The family turned it down, preferring the priceless tranquillity they now enjoy. EK’s project leader, Justin Reid doesn’t deny making the offer but claims it was a “...standard commercial arrangement...” So, that’s all right – it’s all perfectly legal. But is it moral? We’ll let the public decide.

‘You can read all about this story in The Craven Herald here.

Misleading Brochures

15 April 2012

In 2008, we complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that EK’s community information brochure was misleading because it overstated the amount of renewable energy that Brightenber Hill wind farm would produce. EK agreed to withdraw the brochure but then took advantage of a loophole to keep it on their website. Eventually, a change in the regulations forced them to remove it.

In 2011, we again complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that EK’s latest community brochure also overstated the amount of power Brightenber Hill would produce. Again, EK has been forced to admit they have misled us all...
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November 2014

Secretary of State Concedes  EK request for Judicial Review  -

The Secretary of State for Communities, acting for the Planning Inspectorate, has decided not to contest the Energiekontor  request for a Judicial Review of the Inspectorate's decision. This doesn’t mean Energiekontor has won the appeal, only that the Planning Inspectorate will take another look at it.

A new inspector has been asked to review everything, and has  invited the parties to make written representations and to  hear  the case again in mid 2015 .  

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